Yeni Bir Dunya- There were people walking arm in arm with gratitude
This way everyone reached after a[repeated] A new world, a new world They were establishing a new world[repeated]

Each side of the gleaming like skies They were establishing a new world[repeated] Together we are building a new world
We meet with the love in Turkish The song meshes seamlessly with the evangelical message of the cleric; it's his own poem, and it's one of the Movement themes that the Zaman empire exists to promulgate

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Gülen Movement: A New Islamic World Order? -

Gulen New World Order Azeribaijan-Azerbaycanlı öğrencilerden 'Yeni Bir Dünya'

Azerbaijan Turkish Festival
Baku Oil, Turkey is the main partner for pipelines in partnership with Republic of Georgia
Turkey's pipeline industry depends heavily on Azerbaijan Oil they pipe into Europe which
the USA loves because of it's cutting off and isolation of Russia Petro to Europe
Azerbaijan is where Gulen Turkish Schools started over 20 years ago but were shuttered in 2014 by President Aliyev

Earlier in 2014 President Aliyev under the prompting of Erdogan
has dismantled the Gulen Schools in Azerbaijan, now under he Gulen SOCOR (oil)


Gulen New World Order Eurovision 2014 Turkey - Yeni Bir Dünya (A New World)

2013 Turkish Olympiad Language Festival grand finale was "Yeni Bir Dunya" sung

by over 100 students from over 100 countries

Entered into 2014 Eurovision Contest

Glulen New World Order Bosnia -Yeni Bir Dünya Bosna Hersek

Bosnia International Turkish School

Gulen New World Order Afganistan çalgılarıyla 'Yeni Bir Dünya'


Gulen New World Order Kyrgzstan -Kırgızistanlı öğrencilerden 'Yeni Bir Dünya'

Krygzstan Turkish Festival

Kyrgzstan Turkish Girls School


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